10 Best Domain Tools that Make Investing Easier In [2018]

Domain Tools

Domain tools are very important in domain name industry. Also, needs a handful of skills as well as creativity to (polish your domain investing expertise). The domain tools discussed in this article will help you get engaged in it and will increase the chances to maximize your profit by buying and selling domains.
So, let’s jump into this article and have a look at 10 amazing domain tools that will make your domain investing journey a lot easier.

1.Estibot – Domain Appraisal Service


Domain Tools

Estibot is an amazing domain appraisal tool used by 1000’s of domain investors worldwide.
It helps evaluate domain name on certain criteria such as keyword, domain extension, average search results, keyword competition. Also, it provides some more important stats. On the basis of this, the selling price of the domain can be calculated to target a specific (buyers for the domain).


2.Namebio – Domain Sales Record


We can’t ignore domain name industry facts for its amazing sales history. Every domainer wants a best possible resale value for his domain but, the main question is how to set a price for the domain. Is domain worth selling in that price range you are expecting to sell it in?

Namebio is a domain tool gives you the data regarding the past sales of the similar kind of domains. By using filters you can also search for sales on the basis of extension, venue of sale, character limit etc. so, that you can set a right price for your domain. Here is the list of top 20 expensive domains names which gives you estimate that how much a domain can be worth.

3.ExpiredDomains.net– Expired Domains Record


domain tools

According to professional investors expired domains worth more as compared to hand- register
domains. They already generated their value in the market as well as in google records.

Expireddomains.net is a domain tool that allows you to find a good domain for either resale or to develop.

4.Namebright Bulk Search– Availability Checker


Domain tools

Domain name availability is a very important element of concern from investor’s perspective. A namebright bulk search tool allows you to check 5000 domains at once and gives you really fast results for the availability of domains if you are searching for a large list of combination of words.

5.GillmeisterSoftware – Combination Generator


domain tools

Due to change in trends, special kind of demand arises for domains. The resellers, as well as end-users,
are looking for special kind of domain names. They are also looking for domains such as e+Keyword, vr+Keyword etc. Gillmeister Software is one of the best domain tools that will allow you to add a prefix to all your keyword list. Also, it generates combination of words. The availability of domain names can be checked at Namebright.

6.Linkedin – Finding Connections


domain tools

Linkedin is a professional network and works well for the investors to scale up their domaining network. Also, helps in creating a large number of connections in the same industry to share each other’s knowledge, sales experiences, guidance and much more.

Linkedin allows you to get direct access to the contacts of your connections who are active in the field.

7.Google Keyword Planner– Search Stats


domain tools

When you are searching for a right expired domains to add to your portfolio from the famous drop-catch services like Namejet.com, Snapnames.com. That’s where Google Keyword Planner comes into the picture. It helps you to get data regarding average monthly searches of a particular keyword.

Domains with high searches are good for investment and will give higher resale value at the time of its sale.

8.Whois Lookup – Domain Tools


Who owns a domain is a big question for domainers. If he is looking for contact details of domain owner with a similar domain which he wants to sell. Domain tools whois lookup allows you to get the contact details of the current owner of a domain name. It helps you find registrant info, registrar of domain and e-mail of registrant. You can get access to the contact details of the domain owner if he/she hasn’t bought privacy protection of a particular domain.

9.Snappa – Online Graphics maker


domain tools

The things that visually looks good online are easier to sell. Snappa is a free online platform in domain tools category that can help you create graphics for domains and their banners.

  • How Snappa is useful for Domainers

  • For making a logo for domain names
  • Creating “for sale” banners
  • Infographics related to domaining

10. Trademarkia – Trademark Checker


domain tools

The domain name plays a very crucial role for brand owners. It helps them secure their brand name. Brand owners already prefer to take trademarks of their brand, which can’t be used by anyone else commercially. Trademarkia is a tool allows you to check the domain you are planning to buy is trademarked or not. This will ensure you to be secure from trademarked domain theft that leads to a very high penalty in some cases or reclaims of a domain by its brand owner.


All the domain tools mentioned in this article, are best available assets for the people who are a newbie in the domain name industry. They are also, useful for those as well as who are planning to jump into it. I mean, those who are planning for being domain investors. These tools help to make their journey a lot easier and reduce the chances of risks and mistakes.

I hope this article is fruitful and is a new direction in your domain investing path. If you like our content please provide your suggestions. Also, give your reviews in the comment section below and don’t forget to share. All the Best!

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