10 Things You Need To Know About Domain Name Industry In 2018

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Why domain name industry is so exciting! If you look into it from the business perspective you’ll get your answer. In this article, You’ll discover certain facts that will create your mindset that why domain investing is a great source of your regular income.

So, let’s move ahead and discuss some facts that will make you agreeable that Domain Name Investing can be a legit source to make money online.


1. Unbelievable Return On Investment (ROI)


Domaining Industry is a place where you can see the unbelievable return on investment in domain name sales. They are bought for very low-cost suppose for just $10 or even low and sold for thousands of dollars in the Aftermarket such as Flippa, Sedo, Afternic, Godaddy etc.

Let’s take an example of a Domain Investor Mike Mann: Founder of fabulous cloud corporations Phone.com, DomainMarket.com. His recent domain sales will give you the exact figure to prove this point.

  • ContractorSelect.com sold for $29,888. Purchased on 3/23/07 for only $20
  • ChooseLife.org sold for $8500. Purchased on  2/21/05 in $350
  • VikingExploration.com sold for $19,888. Purchased on 9/6/10 for only $12

Based on these sale examples you can see that Mike Mann has realized an ROI of 5,977.6% on the domain sale which is so surprising.

Also, Namebio- A sales history domain tool for more domain sales records.


2. Amazing Sales History


Since the beginning of 20th century,  plentiful domains are sold for millions of dollar and are now converted into considerable successful brands. Let’s have a look at the record of sales derived from (Namebio domain tool and data)                                        

Here are the details of a few domain sales with the price, date, and venue. You can see how much the domains are worth for the people who want to establish a brand by using a domain.


3. Inspirational Success Stories


Many domain investors in the industry are working as a full time buying and selling domain names for profit. They have built up a massive success with their sales and a large portfolio of amazing domains.

Let’s move further with the domain investing journey of Victor Paez. A domainer from Houston, Texas area, own 100’s of domains and his portfolio including some great domains such as :


And hundreds more.

He started buying domains in the year 2005. His journey started when he read an article in the magazine Business 2.0 (no longer in production) and sold (58) 3-Letter .co’s, sold (18) 4-Letter (Chinese Premium) .com’s even before they were in trend.


4. Start-Off With Very Low Investment


If you want to start investing it is a very low-cost investment opportunity in the beginning. If you want to learn basics of buying a domain name in the first-hand market like Godaddy for only $10 or you can buy expired domains for just $5. You can use expireddomains.net domain tool to look for a resourceful domain as an investment.

5. Guidance From Experienced Investors


Domaining is an industry full of experts and experienced investors who are already successful in buying and selling domain names and are happy to help you in your investing journey.

You can also choose (online learning platforms) such as Namepros: Domain Investors Forum where you can ask questions, resolve your doubts and share your experience in the field of domaining.

6. Availability Of Online Training Courses


Although, there are lots of online learning materials available for domain investing such as e-books, video courses,  youtube videos etc.

But, I recommend you to must try dnacademy online training course by Michael Cyger: Publisher at domainsherpa.com


What will you learn in the course?

  • Introduction to domain names
  • Domain name keywords
  • Valuation Metrics
  • Valuation Tools
  • Domain Name Valuation tutorial
  • Buying and Selling Domain Names
  • Running your business

7.Work From Home Opportunity


In this fast running era, people are changing their preferences and are looking for home based online opportunity to earn their living.  They also want to spend time with their family.

Domain investing is a business which can be done by sitting at home with a laptop and internet connection and even a non-technical person can do it setting his/her own flexible hours of working.

8. Must For Any Brand’s Online Presence


The reason why most popular brands are ready to invest a very large amount of money in domain names because it is must for their online presence. A powerful and good domain name helps in increasing their brand value and search volume on platforms like Google.

It gives them the opportunity to get their brand on the top of the search results.

9. Can Be A Passive Income Source


If you are planning to choose domain name investing as a primary source of your income which many successful domainers are already doing and are deriving four, five and even six-figure with full-time work in buying and selling domain names.

10. Help You Connect With People Worldwide


By continuously engaging in domain industry you can connect with people all over the world and also can buy and sell domain names with them. This opens the doors of new opportunities for you.

domain tools such as whois, Linkedin can help you in doing this efficiently and increase your reach to the specific group of people whom you want to target and want to add to your network.



The 10 points discussed in this article has proven the fact why domain name industry is so exciting! Why you should give it a try. I hope this article is helpful and inspirational for you.

This will give you more confidence if you are seeking to enter into domain name industry.

We would love to hear your suggestions and reviews in the comment section below and if you like our content and please do share… All the Best!




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