6 Best Ways To Sell Domain Names Quickly in [2018] Updated!

If you are a domain investor or a newbie in the industry, I am sure you are practicing various approach to sell domain names quickly.

In this article, you will learn how to sell domain names and generate a passive income flipping domain names for profit.


Sell Domain Names


Domains create value for a brand and boost its online presence. Brand owners are already looking for such domains to buy and It’s up to how will you reach them with the perfect domain of their choice.

“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity is ever known to man”- Rick Schwartz


So, now let’s move ahead and check out various approaches discussed in this article.

1. Sell on domain aftermarket

Whenever you try to search domain names on Godaddy, you’ll often notice that some of them are labeled as premium domains.

Sell domain names

The domain in the example above is listed for sale on domain aftermarket.

A domain aftermarket is a platform where you can buy and sell domain names that are already registered.

There are many trusted and legit after-market platforms which can help you boost your domain sales and assist you to make money flipping domains for profit. Also, they will help you showcase your domains on multiple platforms.

Benefits to sell domain names on aftermarket

  • They increase the audience reach of your domain names.
  • Reduces the chances of domaining scam or fraud.
  • Negotiate with the buyer on your behalf.
  • Secure and easy after sale services
  • Create a custom sale page for your domain names.

Few of the best domain aftermarket are Afternic, Sedo, Godaddy and more. They provide you best services to sell domain names to the right potential buyers.

Now, Just have a look at some recent domain sales on domain aftermarket. Also, notice their amazing sale prices on Namebio a domain tool that provides sales report.

sell domain names


Listing a domain name for sale on aftermarket is very easy and they have a very nice user interface too.

Watch the video below on how to list a domain for sale on Sedo.


2. Use Domain Brokerage service to sell domain names

Domain brokers are domain industry professionals with experience of buying and selling domain names.

A domain broker will help you sell your domain names on your behalf and find potential buyers for you. He will assist you throughout the domain sales process and also, provides you the following services.

  • Help you buy domains
  • sell domain names
  • domain valuation

Domain brokers will charge you according to their policy an amount range from 10%- 30%.

Why Broker To Sell Domain Names?

  • Will assist you in the whole domain selling process.
  • He already has a prior experience of negotiation with domain buyers.
  • Will help you in a secure transaction.
  • Keeps you away from getting in domain scam.

Although, there are lots of domain brokerage services available, Below is the list of some best and trusted ones.

  1. eNaming
  2. Guta.com
  3. Uniregistry Market
  4. Starfire Holding (Ali Zandi)
  5. Media Options ( Andrew Rosener)
  6. Domainagents.com
  7. BQDN.com
  8. Domain Holding
  9. Igloo

and more…


3. Sell On Ebay

eBay is an MNC based in San Jose, California helps people buy and sell almost anything. eBay has a custom section for selling domain names as well. Also, They allow you to create your own [For Sale] page.

Sell Domain Names

eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms and has huge audience reach. It will increase chances of selling your domain names.

Benefits of selling on eBay

  • Large platform with huge audience reach.
  • Helps you getting maximum exposer for your listing.
  • They charge a minimal listing fee for a domain name.
  • Trusted and legit source for selling your domain names.


Namepros is the world’s largest domain forum to learn about domain industry. They not only allow you to sell domain names but also, help you get guidance from professionals in the industry.

Namepros has many options for listing domain names for sale. Let’s have a look at few of them.

  • Top Domains–  Premium domain listing section with a minimum resale value of $1,000. Domains in this section are verified by Namepros administrator.
  • Domain Auction–  List a domain for sale with auction option where buyers can bid on the domains.
  • Fixed Price– Listing with Fixed Price Label.
  • Make Offer– Domain listing with Make an Offer option.
  • Liquid Domains– Domains that are already on trend and has high chances for a sale. Domains such as LLL.COM and LLLL.COM.
  • Numeric Domains– Domain names that consist of numbers.
  • Brandable Domains– Brandables are domains with a combination of two or more words and can be used as a name for a new brand in near future.
  • Traffic Domains– Domains with high search volume.

and more…

5. Use Google to Find Potential Buyers

sell domain names

Google is world’s largest search engine. It allows you to find potential buyers for you to sell domain names.

You can type the keyword which your domain contains. In the search results look at the domains that contain similar keyword as your domain.

Next, Use the domain tool whois lookup to get the contact details of the domain owners and offer them your domain. Explain to them why it will be beneficial for them purchasing your domain.

Google will help you find potential buyers for your domain names.

6. Use Linkedin To Sell Domain Names

Linkedin is a professional network and works well for the investors to scale up their domaining network. It helps you find a buyer for your domains. Also, It helps in creating a large number of connections in the same industry to share each other’s knowledge, sales experiences, guidance and much more.

Linkedin allows you to get direct access to the contacts of your connections who are active in the field.



All 6 ways discussed in the above article are legit and proven and tested ways to sell domain names. I hope this will help you make more money flipping domain names.

We would love to hear your suggestions and reviews in the comment section below and if you like our content and please do share… All the Best!







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