February 12, 2019

Domain Acquisition

This service for those in need of assistance with any part of the process of seeking a domain — whether it be determining the right domain, finding the owner’s contact information, negotiating the best price, in need of help with the actual sale process, etc.  We are there from start to finish with the goal of our efforts being to coordinate a smooth & satisfying purchase.​ 

Key Aspects Of Our Service

1) Locating and approaching the owner(s) of appropriate domain(s).
​2) Consulting with you to determine what’s best for you based on your budget and purpose for acquiring the domain.
3) Organizing and conveniently presenting to you all the best potential options.
4) Negotiation expertise. Applied to acquire the domain as cheap as possible.
5) Providing assistance with the entire process of buying the domain name.
6) If desired, ensuring your information is kept private from the seller.


Commission range:  10%-20% of the sale price.
(Will depend on cost of domain and other factors.)
Any deals made are to be completed through escrow.com.