February 12, 2019

Domain Brokerage

Our domain name brokerage services are for owners of valuable domains who desire assistance with the sale process. We apply our great expertise to sell your digital asset(s) in a timely manner, and to maximize the sale price.

Key Aspects Of Our Service

1) ​Finding, professionally approaching, and discussing with serious prospect buyers.
2) Negotiation expertise. Applied with the goal being to maximize the sale price.
3) Determining the right venue to sell your domain name.
4) Providing assistance with the entire process of actually selling the domain name.
5) Freely appraising and placing a sensible price upon your domain name.
6) If desired, ensuring your information is kept private from the buyer.

What We Are Looking For?

Premium 1 to 2 word .com domains and short domains (2 letter .com, 3 letter .com, etc.).


Commission rate:  15%
Minimum exclusivity period: 90 days.
Any deals made are to be completed through escrow.com.