How do I best choose a domain name for my brand?

“The success of your business can hinge on your choice of the domain name. It’s closely connected to your online brand—your website, your emails, and all of your digital marketing. It is how your customers remember you and find you online. And once you choose your domain name, it’s difficult to change it. Getting it right the first time will save you serious stress and headaches down the road.”

What can a domain broker do for me?

Simply put, we give you the best possible outcome when you buy or sell a domain name.  We combine years of experience buying and selling top tier domain names with our network of domain owners and clients worldwide.  Our domain brokers research your target, then customize our buying or selling strategies to fit your domain name needs, like a bespoke suit.  

How does a domain transaction work?

Domaining Ocean takes information security very seriously. All transactions and information are 100% secure with us and our payment partners PayPal & Escrow.com. No need to worry!

Transactions under $5,000 are generally handled through PayPal unless the situation calls for something different.  All transactions over $5,000 are handled through Escrow.com unless specifically requested otherwise by buyer or seller.  Escrow.com is the leader in internet escrow services.  It’s fast, easy, and free to set up, and there’s no more secure way to handle a transaction.  We’ve used Escrow.com to settle many seven-figure domain deals, so yeah, they’re baller, and you know you’re in good hands.

How does the Escrow process work?
  1. Create and verify an Escrow.com account here – do not create a transaction.
  2. Send your username (email address) to us.
  3. We will create a secure transaction between all parties.
  4. Follow the steps provided by Escrow.com.
  5. Once funds have been cleared and transfer(s) completed, the transaction will be closed.
What is you commission and fees?

Our commission and fees vary from project-to-project. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you require exclusivity?

Yes, we typically require a minimum exclusivity term of 180-days (which may be extended, if required) when we undertake an outbound sales campaign.

Are your domain name transaction confidential?

Unless requested by our client, all transactions are kept strictly confidential.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@domainingocean.com