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we offer the best premium domain names, and exceptional domain name acquisition brokerage service. The domain names we offer are for businesses looking to convey a strong online presence, and be a leader in their class. We provide generic domains, brandable domains, short domains, and more. All of the names we present are simple, authoritative, trust-inducing, easy to remember — and will put you ahead of the competition.

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Domain Name Consulting

When buying or selling a domain name, there is more to it than meets the eye. We help your company make the right domain name decision.

Domain Brokerage Service

We can help you finding a perfect buyer for your premium domain name or help your brand in acquisition of a prefect domain name

Digital Assets Management

We offer a professional digital assests management service to help you reduce your burden and work efficiently


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

I have entrusted a handful of domains to Domaining Ocean for outbound marketing and brokering, and I am glad that I did. They represented us in the recent sale. They conducted successful negotiations that increased the “final” offer by 50% and concluded with a win-win-win transaction.

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Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Premium domain names give customers a great sense of trust and authority. Users will, for instance, have significantly more trust in doing business with versus This gained trust is mostly due to the fact that today’s online consumers generally understand domains like are rare and valuable; and that fly-by-night operations are certainly not run on such a property.


Premium domains heavily market themselves on their own and can make up for a lot of money spent on normal marketing that may or may not even work well (and those investments certainly can’t ever be resold if things don’t work out). 


Today, a strong web presence is more than a must-have for a company: it’s a “must-leverage”. Since a customer’s experience with virtually every company he or she does business with now centers on web interaction, your company’s online presence isn’t just an extension of your “real” presence — it is your presence. The foundation upon which all of this is built is your domain name.


If your company name is Kite, and you operate on, that can prevent some negative things. Not operating on your corresponding .com leaves it open to: someone else operating on a domain you should own, confusion for potential customers looking for you, missed traffic, forcing you to settle for a lower quality domain, and ultimately limiting the level of presence you can achieve for your brand online.


A premium domain name is the perfect base for all non-internet based advertising such as billboards, print ads, TV, radio, etc. Because premium domains are short and memorable, and look phenomenal where ever they are placed upon, physical strategies that utilize them have a high success rate of users retaining the URL and visiting when they are ready


The values of domain names have been going up since the first one was registered in 1985. The reason for this is that people have come to realize the true power of these digital assets and what they can really do for a business. It’s not a speculation anymore. That’s why when the most valuable domain names change hands they go for as high as 7 to 8 figures. So, the point here being that domain names have a unique quality.

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Benefits of hiring a Domain name broker for buying and selling

Selling a domain name is quite a tricky task. You may face a lot of critical problems while selling your domains to a Start-Up or a bigger company. Though the process of buying and selling a domain name seems easy on paper, in reality, it’s quite the opposite. You might not get in touch with a potential buyer or get the right amount /quotes for your business when you try to sell it on your own. Many buyers tend to deceive in one way or the other. In order to avoid such problematic situations, you can go for hiring a Broker. A Broker is a person who will help and support you throughout the process of selling your business.

Process of using domain brokers with is secure third party financial transaction management service that acts as a neutral party when you are dealing with any online entity such as Domain Brokers. When money is paid into Escrow, the…

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